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Restaurant, Wine Bar & Pub Insurance

Important fact:  If you have a cafe or restaurant in Richmond Borough then you will need to ensure that you have the correct license and insurance cover. Any restaurant or cafe that has chairs, tables or advertising boards that are on the pavement will require cover of £5m Public Liabilty Insurance.

Insurance for businesses who…

  • Are a restaurant, cafe or pub operating from a single premises
  • Can be independent, managed or tenanted, licensed or unlicensed
  • May have guestrooms
  • May have  live entertainment
  • May have a children’s’ play area

Restaurant Insurance and Pub Insurance includes…

  • Business contents including  furniture and specific pub and restaurant contents
  • Employers liability for damages, legal costs and expenses following injury
  • Public Liability for injury to the public or damage to their property up to £5m
  • Product liability to cover you against illness caused by food or drink
  • Loss of income caused following an insured incident,

Increased cover can include…

  • Your building and/or tenant’s improvements
  • The contents of your home if you also live on the premises
  • The loss of your drinks licence

Running a pub or restaurant presents challenges that can be catered for by the correct insurance policy.  That’s why you’re covered if a member of the public slips up on your premises, or if one of your members of staff injures themselves – these are particular concerns in a busy environment. You’ll also need protection if  you have to close your premises for a period of time, for example due to storm, flood or fire.

Whether you’re covering your liability to the public, staff or any money you may keep on your premises or in transit to the bank, it’s essential that you buy the right insurance.

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