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Flat Roof Insurance

Home Design
To many homes a flat roof is integral and fundamental to the design of the building. It is often part of an extension to the house either historic or recently added, or in some cases it can represent all or the majority of the roof area and may be part of the original building.

Construction Choices
Flat roofs can be of varying construction, from commonly asphalt and felt or lesser used zinc and copper: innovative new membrane rubberbond and unusual grass finish rooftops. The percentage of flat roof will also vary from typically 10% up to 100% and flat roof properties vary from ordinary homes, roofs with dormer windows, homes with roof gardens and blocks of flats.

Ask us for a flat Roof Home Insurance Quote
It’s always worth chatting to a local property insurance specialist as they can take the hassle out of getting your home covered and provide solutions that are not widely available on the ‘net and you will often save money long term.

A second opinion is particularly worthwhile if you have a property with an adverse claims history and your insurance premium has increased or your cover reduced.  Standard insurance companies simply don’t cater for the unexpected as their policies have too many exclusions and warranties so that they can cover the mass market.  Sadly, time and again, policy owners only find out they are not covered when they actually make a claim.

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