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Subsidence Insurance

If you have previously had subsidence and are looking for an alternative insurance quote, iit’s possible to get a new policy relatively simply.

Some underwriters may require a report by a surveyor or structural engineer showing that the subsidence in the property has stabilized and shows no further signs of movement, however this is not always required.

Subsidence – what exactly is it?

Put simply, subsidence involves the downward shift of a building’s foundations in line with ground movement.

By contrast, ‘heave’ – upward ground movement and a corresponding movement in foundations – occurs when dry soil swells due to increased moisture or usually as a result of mature trees being removed.

At the first sign of any damage you should contact your buildings insurer straight away. If you’re in the process of buying a home and suspect there may be a risk of subsidence, make sure you commission a RICS/ISVA Home Buyer’s Report, which should help identify whether there is a problem.

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