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Tenants Contents Insurance

Cover for property contents and jewelry
When you rent a property the contents of your home and your personal possessions are your responsibility to insure. Contents insurance covers your household goods from furniture to more valuable items including jewelry and computers if required.

Third party liability
If you are a tenant we’ll provide cover for loss and damage of household goods – through fire, smoke damage, lightning, theft, flood and escape of water and oil. Contents insurance also covers against accidental damage to your TV, computer, home entertainment systems and freezer contents if required.You will also be covered for your liability against a third party.  This will provide cover if you should accidentally cause damage to the property such as a flood or fire.

Tenancy agreement
Most landlords will ensure that a tenant has their own Contents Liability Insurance and that it is written in to the tenancy agreement.  Since the vast majority of property claims are for water damage, it’s easy to imagine that a water leak to the floor below is not unlikely and could be due to the tenant leaving a tap running on an overflowing basin or misusing the washing machine or dishwasher.

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